Zack Siler || 17 || She’s All That || Tyler Posey || Open

“Sometimes when you open up to people, you let the bad in with the good.”


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Positive traits- Determined, loyal, respectful

Negative traits- Clingy, jealous


Taylor Vaughan {ENEMY}- To be honest, Zack absolutely despises Taylor. Just because she’s perfect and popular doesn’t make him like her any more. But what it does do is show what condition her heart and mind are in. And he hates that about her. But if she decided to change maybe he would give her a second chance.

Dean Sampson {FRENEMY}- In the real world these two seem to be barking at each other non-stop. They have gone through a few breakups and there were times when they promised that they would never speak again, but deep down they both know that they will always remain the be just as close as they were before Laney came into the picture.

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