Come check us out? We have 3 apps waiting and I would love to see some more. Don’t forget, we are on a character giveaway.

Okay guys, guess what? We are not shutting this roleplay down just yet. So if you have submitted an app and I have disappointed you no need to worry. I have a feeling that now we will be getting more attention. Yay!

Anonymous asked - "Is your character giveaway still going on? xx"

Well I was planning on shutting this rp down but yes, the character giveaway is still going on. If you send in an app I will not shut it down. We have hope!


Attention tag lurkers! We are on a character giveaway! This means that when you make your app you do not have to include a writing sample. Help save this rp, guys!

noonecaresgoaway asked - "Don't close it ;-;"

I’m really sorry. I just don’t think that enough people are interested in it. I honestly would hate to close it because I’m in love with it too. I’ll wait just a few more hours to see if we get any more attention. If I don’t get one app by 7 o’clock pm EST, I will shut it down for a while.


Okay guys, I have decided to shut this roleplay down because of it’s lack of attention. So, if we don’t get any apps by tonight I will close it.

We still have many characters open and eager to get applied for. I’m excited to get this show on the road! So check us out?


Come on babes! Come on over here and let Admin Stingy love you down. Please?


I’m losing weight! Yay! Yeah you don’t care. But what you might care about is this roleplay. This rp gives you the chance to play as your favorite movie character and figure out what happens next in their life. If that interests you, check us out!